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Archive for 'news_list'

CNN segment: “Not black or white: It’s ‘brown’ comedy”

This is an op-ed I wrote for CNN.com about “Brown” comedy which includes the new segment about the subject which±

Appearance on Fox News’ “Geraldo at Large”

This is my appearance on Fox News from January 2011 joking about “The Jersey Shore” and the Italian PM sex±

My new blog “The Dean’s Report” about political/topical issues!

I hope u check out my new blog “The Dean’s Report” – it is an honest and sometimes comedic look±

Appearance on MSNBC’s “Up with Chris Hayes”

My appearance on MSNBC’s “Up with Chris Hayes” from October 2011 talking about Arab Spring and being Arab-American.

CNN: The Muslims Are Coming Tour hits Deep South

This segment aired on CNN about “The Muslims Are Coming” tour and documentary I’m co-producing with Negin Farsad. Click HERE±

SF Weekly: Review of the Arabs Gone Wild SF show

This is a review in the SF Weekly of The Arabs Gone Wild Show in SF

SF Chronicle: Defying ‘Islamaphobia’ with jokes

Article from SF Chronicle “Defying ‘Islamaphobia’ with jokes” about the Arabs Gone Wild Tour show in SF.

CNN segment: “Comedians for Sarah Palin”

My appearance on CNN announcing the launch of “Comedians for Sarah Palin” – you can follow the group on Twitter±

Huffington Post Article: “There’s an Obeidallah running for Vice President”

Great Huffington Post article by Shirin Sadeghi about my 8 city political comedy tour “Dean Obeidallah for Vice President.” Click±

NPR’ story “But Seriously Folks, The Arab World Is A Funny Place”

This NPR radio story aired nationally in the US on “All Things Considered” about the 3rd annual Amman Stand Up±